LiveProject 5.3

It is the easiest way working with Microsoft Project files
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LiveProject Collaboration is the easiest way you will ever encounter working with Microsoft Project files.
Imagine as a manager, that your project changes are instantly available to your team, and that team members can quickly and securely update their task-status. The status of your plans, always available to everyone. Reports at your fingertips and powerful printing and exporting features when needed.
Imagine you can share project plans safely with external vendors, and still get feedback when the plans change. Accept task changes with a click, and have your MS project plan updated.
Imagine the power of your team when everyone is working towards a common goal, with clear deliverables. The power of you, having instant access to all relevant project data.
When it comes to Project Collaboration on MS Project files, LiveProject is the fastest growing product on the market. With over half a million customers in more than 195 countries, you can stop imagining and start executing.

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